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The Story of Siavash and Soudabeh

Siavash’s mother, a tall beautiful woman who was descended from Freydun and she was from the family of Afrasiab. She came to Persia and king KayKavous found her suitable as his spouse so they married and Siavash was born. Years passed by and Siavash’s mother was not alive anymore. After learning shooting and equestrian skills from Rostam in Sistan city, Siavash returned to the capital.


Soudabeh, Kay Kavous’s wife and Hamavaran’s daughter, fell in love with Siavash, and her soul burned for him. Siavash tried to escape from Soudabeh, but she grabbed his back and accused him."

Siavash pass through a fire

Based on Persian rites, Siavash had to pass through a fire safely to prove his innocence. Siavash, dressed in white and mounted on a black horse, passed proudly through the fire. He forgave Soudabeh for her fault. When Afrasiab sent an army, Siavash saw his chance to leave his father and Soudabeh. Therefore, he announced that he was volunteering to fight Afrasiab. Although the Turanians sued for peace, Kay Kavus was short tempered and did not agree.”

Siavash married Farangis

Siavash traveled to Turan. He married Farangis, the daughter of Afrasiab. However, others were jealous of Siavash’s ever-increasing power. They said to Afrasiab, “Siavash wants the Turanian crown and throne.”

Death of Siavash

Then they invited Siavash to the palace and killed him infront of Afrasiab.
A plant called the dragon tree, or Khnoon-e Siavashan, grew from droplets of Siavash’s blood. Afrasiab ordered to attack Farangis with wood to make her lose her unborn child. Piran-e Veyseh, Afrasiab’s minister, prevented them. He protected Farangis and help her give birth to Kay Khosrow.

A story from the book of Minimal Shahnameh
Jabbar Farshbaf


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